Computers Are One of the Greatest Innovations That Man Has Created

Topics: Effect, Affect, Time Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Computers are one of the greatest innovations that man has created. It has simplified life of human beings to a large extent with several innovations in computer technology. However, to my understanding, every innovation has its downside as well as its upside.

I agree to the fact that computers when used by children every day over long period of time affects them to a great extent. The first effect of the computer on children would be on their eyes. We all know, that eyes are the god’s precious gift that has been given to the humans.

As a child, when we use the computer over long period makes the retina loose its vision and the child ultimately would use specks to clear that. The reason to this is that nowadays the monitor screens are much larger than before. The child being small does not know how much distance he or she should keep between the eyes and the screen. Secondly not all monitors are kept straight. Looking at an angle is most hazardous to the eyes. Lastly we need to consider the contrast and brightness of the screen.

Another possible effects of daily use of computer changes the posture of the child. This would ultimately affect the spine and the back portion. At times the neck region is also affected. The child becomes lazy and obese. This obesity leads to health problems in a child when they grow up. Normally, at this age the child plays games and surf the internet. As we know that certain types of action games may change a child’s behavior. The internet too should not allow children to view such sites that may affect their mentality.

To my opinion, the child may use a computer for not more than 40 min in a day supervised by elders who have some knowledge of computers.
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