Computerized Record System

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For most people, a computer is known to be just a piece of equipment used to make work easier. But these computers are already changing people’s lives. User is now possible to see the world in a different way, to achieve new goals, which were once impossible, and to control the world us. Computers are efficient tools in processing data into useful information. These are essential tools in almost every field of research and applied technology because of their capabilities. The impact of computer varies in different applications. User can perform logical operations on texts as well as on numbers and symbols. User is made possible to process data user great speed, accuracy, and reliability. Holoein (1986) says that “almost every one in developed nations of the world are at least partially aware of the influential role played by the computer today”. User is implemented to every type of organization in order to achieve computer advantage.

O’Brien (1990) states that the management of rapidly changing technology is important to any organization. Information technology changes swiftly and dramatically and is expected to continue into the future. Developments will continue to have a major impact on the operations, costs, and management work and computerization of many organizations.

Computer system has played an important role in monitoring the volume of work, which takes place everyday in almost all offices. This easy way of doing everything, such as keeping and retrieving records would not be possible output appropriate information system and technology that will go user user. Computer systems have the bigger advantage to acquire a high level of system knowledge that will serve as a source of information in the modification of a system that used in specific task which lies in the amount of information a person will be able to extract. Software systems maintain enormous amounts of data and contain functional tasks that most users realize. The

end result in accuracy improvement will be directly related to the efforts put forth to achieve user.
Student records are technically important. These records must be accurate, specific and organized. User is a written tool of communication used by the personnel of an office in the efficient and effective management of records and important information of a student.

Despite the fact that there is advancement of technology and computer processing as useful tools in manipulating information and data, some organizations still adopt the traEditional way of working on the files of every student. This attribute is commonly related to the DIT department of Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges, Naga Campus. The department finds user difficult to generate accurate information about the student. Computerization in handling student records suggests more advantage than the traEditional method. The Proposed Computerized Record Management System of DIT Department, STI, Naga Campus can lessen the problems encountered. The database system is an effective tool in handling student records since user gives all the convenience. The system has the capability to store, create and retrieve data and make sure that the data is logically consistent. The proposed system can be a great help to the personnel of DIT department. The system can minimize the time and effort and even human technical skills and user gives all the convenience and smooth operation for the person in-charge of records management.

To develop a Record Management System of DIT Department, STI, Naga Campus


This system is a modest attempt to speed up access to student record information for the student of DIT department of Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges, Naga Campus. Specifically, the system aims to answer the following: 1. What is the existing record system adopted by the DIT department in terms of: a. Student personal profile

b. Summary of...
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