Computerized Profiling System

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Chapter I


Background of the Study

As of today, we have reached the era of modernization. New technology have been created, one of this discovery is the computer. The technology has changed the different phase of our lives. Nowadays, with the help of computer, the use of robots and AI (Artificial Intelligence) inclined the field of industry and causes economy and education more spare time. Computer promotes our way of living in upgrade, an ease to almost everything. In recent years, the increased flexibility and user-friendliness of computer databases make these systems a crucial business component. In fact, some universities are now using Computer Database Management System for a faster and safer manifestation of data. However, the Office of the Student Services of Southern Leyte State University-Tomas Oppus encounters a problem of maintaining and recovering student profiles using the manual data processing. Manual processing is known for its accurate results but it is only good when the number of data to be process is less. In updating of student records, it takes time in retrieving their records. For safekeeping and fast data processing, development of a Computerized Profiling System should be in hand. This study is designed to achieve effectivity in collecting and retrieving of student records. The Office of the Student Services has not yet established a Computerized Profiling System. Thus the researchers propose a development of a database for student profile for the benefit of the students and office of the student services, this programmed database is of great help to the mechanism and can improve the function of the office to be more organized in keeping file(s).

Objectives of the Study

This study aimed on the design and development of a computerized profiling system that will surely help the Office of the Student Services to minimize the time required in retrieving of student records. Specifically, this study aimed to: 1. Determine the demographic profile of the respondents of the study; 2. Determine the respondent’s opinion on the effectiveness of the existing student profile storage system at the OSS; 3. Design and develop an SLSU-TO Computerized Profiling System; 4. Identify the effectiveness of the developed computerized student profiling system;and 5. Determine the significant difference between the opinions of the respondent’s on the level of effectiveness of the existing student profile storage system and the developed computerized student profiling system.

Significance of the Study

The result of this study result would be useful and benefits the following: OSS Personnel. The result of this study would help the office to be more efficient on keeping student file(s). This would also provide a more secure records, fast recovery and ease of maintenance of student records. Faculty and Staff. This project aims to aid the problem in searching student’s information for he/she can easily be provided with the information that he/she needs.

The Students. This would benefit the student in securing their records and fast retrieval of records. The Future Researchers. This research would serve as guide or reference to the researchers who want to examine on topics and problems related to this study.

Scope and Delimitations

This study focuses on the design and development of computerized profiling system of Southern Leyte State University-Tomas Oppus. This study will only be limited to the data that the respondents would provide.

Chapter II


Profiling System

Knight (2002) stated that student profiling is a career-long procedure whereby students develop and maintain a documentary record of their learning experiences. Correctly implemented, profiling should form the core of each student's management of his or her own learning. Profiling has been proposed  (for example by the HEFCE funded...

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October 19, 2012
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