Computerized library system

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In the last decade of the 20th century the number of people accessing the internet worldwide probably doubled every 10 months. By 2000 it had reached almost every country in the world. The internet is the biggest and most important computer network, in fact, by 2000 it had reached almost every country in the world. In 2002 it was used by an estimated 561 million people. Nowadays, using internet is one of the most efficient way of researching, not to mention the vast arrays of every imaginable things one wish to do with and through it. You do not need to turn pages to find what you are looking for. It is a very effective way to conserve time when you want to access minute to complex information at the comfort of your own home, whether that be about places, people or even the latest news around the world.

The most number of users of internet are students from grade school to collegiate level. Many students nowadays depends their home works on internet because everything is almost there. Whether it is about mathematics, history, science and even religion. But there is always some moment that internet is not available, like, for example, the internet connection in schools is unstable and you can’t browse pages conveniently, or the electricity is out and you can’t use any computer. One study even found reliable information on only 27 percent of sites used for research by middle and high school students. That means almost three out of four sites were unreliable. Even before the advent of computers and internet or the web, they already exist within our reach and has been with the civilization from time immemorial --the library. It has always been a place that can give you reliable and evidenced based facts where wide arrays of information can be accessed, that is, even the electricity is out or you do not have a stable connection.

Grolier Encyclopedia defines library as a room or building with a...
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