Computerized Enrollment System

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Background of the Study

Today, the progress of institutions is largely determined by the ability to make use of computer technology. Computerization is a conclusive evidence of the advancement in science and technology which task is to maximize its purpose, primarily in education. The converting of manual to automated system is one best alternative to carry out manually workloads such as keeping records, computations, and retrieving information in the shortest possible. In the global village of the new economy, larger automation companies have little option- they must find more ways and means to expand worldwide. To do this they need to minimize domination of the central corporate culture, and maximize responsiveness to local customer needs. And thus, utilizing a computerized system can be simple change like providing production workers for greater freedom of movement in performing their task (http:/ In Bataan Polytechnic State College, the college-wide computerized enrollment system was implemented. Last October 2005, they put into operation the college –wide enrollment system for the first semester of the academic year 2005-2006. Applying the results and data generated by the administration, the college was able to remedy usual problems during admissions and enrollments such as the tendency to overlook procedures, confusion among the students on proper enrollment steps, and the inconsistency of the information generated and submitted to various offices within and outside the BPST. Furthermore, the college was able to triple the number of students served each day during the enrollment period. This made the operation faster, more accurate and efficient. ( Tagum Doctors College (TDC) of Tagum City a private institution of learning is dedicated to the quality of education of the youth to preserve and enrich the life of all Filipino heritages. Its current enrollment process is totally paper-based. Their enrollment process was the result of disconnected accounting, cashiering, and student records systems. This led to staff manually calculating individual fees. Additionally, the staff could not accommodate the expanding student population. Faced with these manual, disconnected processes, Tagum Doctors College wanted to simplify student enrolment with a self-service system that automatically generated payment amounts by centralizing all student, course, and accounting details. In this connection, the researchers intend to unload their agonies by creating a computerized enrollment system.

Statements of the Problem

After the preliminary investigation to the institution of Tagum Doctors College, the researchers encountered the following problems. 1. Difficulty in retrieving records of the students
2. Feasible errors in computing students’ accounts
3. Complexity in tracing the records of current enrolled students

4. Delayed in processing a report

5. Difficult to identify the rooms and teacher on its subject and

6. There is a conflict arise in making manual students class schedule.

Objectives of the Study

This study aimed to satisfy its main objective of developing an automated enrollment system that will support one of the operations of Tagum Doctors’ College. Along with this general objective, this also aimed to satisfy the following objectives:

1. To access easily in retrieving record of the students; 2. To establish errors free in computing Students Accounts; 3. To trace easily outline record of the currently enrolled students; 4. To automatically generate accurate reports;

5. To identify the room and teacher on its subject;
6. To lessen conflict that arises in making students class schedule;

Scope and Limitation
The researcher designed this study to the...
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