Computer Virus

Topics: Computer virus, Malware, Computer worm Pages: 13 (3741 words) Published: February 9, 2013
The researchers would like to extend their greatest appreciations to those who exerted much of their effort to make their research a success.
To Mrs.Cherryl arizala Adante who shared his knowledge and expertise in conduting this research;
To their parents who gave their unconditional love and financial assistance to the researchers in order to do this research;
To their classmates who shared their time and happiness which make them stronger and gain more confidence;
And to Almighty God for guiding them everyday and giving them skills in order to do their research.

TITLE PAGE----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
TABLE OF CONTENTS---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1
Review of Related Literature---------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
Statement of the problem-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
Significance of the study-----------------------------------------------------------------------------10
Scope and Limitation of the Study-----------------------------------------------------------------12
Definition of Terms-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------12

This paper discusses computer viruses and other related threats and their
impact on computing. Much has already been written about computer viruses
and how to deal with them; this paper attempts to highlight some of the
issues surrounding the computer virus phenomenon that have been at times
overshadowed by the extensive media attention and reactive mode forced
upon many security professionals. The main issue that this paper brings
forth is that despite current advice and controls, computer viruses may
continue to be a serious problem. Larger, more complex issues regarding
computer security may have to be addressed if the situation is to get

This paper is intended for management and those who need basic information
about computer viruses and related threats. "Statement of the Problem" is
a brief overview of computer viruses and related threats, dealing mainly
with terminology. "What Can Be Done Now" describes current
recommendations for preventing computer viruses. "Problem Extent and
Future Impact" focuses on the extent to which viruses have affected
computing and whether current recommendations for dealing with viruses
will be adequate in the future.


Computer viruses are program segments that copy versions of themselves into programs (targets) and thereby convert the targets into vehicles for further propagation. Viruses usually spread from program to program within a single system by thus reproducing every time any infected program runs. Moreover, they can spread from system to system whenever an infected program is introduced into another system.

As society now employs an increasing number of microcomputers to perform many complex and sensitive operations, it is interesting to note that all computer viruses found outside of controlled experiments have run only on microcomputers. Several factors may be relevant:...
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