Computer Threats

Topics: Computer virus, Trojan horse, Antivirus software Pages: 3 (944 words) Published: March 30, 2010
My speech will be related to an important echo that face technology with is computer threats. I will cover some of important threats that face most of us; I will tell you how to protect your computer from threats, how to deal with hackers, crackers and what to do if your computer was attacked.

The most popular threat that face computers are viruses,
A virus is a program written intentionally to change the way your computer operates without your permission or knowledge. Their behavior is similar to how real-life biological viruses work, and the ways of dealing with them can be quite similar as well! A virus attaches copies of it to other files such as program files or documents and is inactive until you run an infected program or open an infected document. When activated, a virus may damage or delete files, cause erratic system behavior, display messages or even erase your hard disk. Maybe all of you know these information about computer viruses ,but do you know what was the first virus appeared in the world , who created it He is Richard Skrenta( showing his picture in the powerpoint)

Other type of threats are Worms

They are the most effective and dangerous threats because they replicate and spread by them self without even opening the file, hackers often use this type to gain access to the computers that they infect. Worms can also spread by copying themselves from disk to disk or by email. The most dangerous worm ever created is I LOVE YOU worm. It was first noticed in Philippines on May 4 2000 and then spread all over world in just one day! Affecting 10% internet users all around the world and causing loss of about $5.5 billion. It arrives in email inbox with subject “ILOVEYOU”. It had an attachment “LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs”. Also, it sent the worm to everyone on victim contact list. Although, worm spread very fast. Only windows users were affected.

The other type of threats is Trojan horse;
Trojan horses are programs that appear to serve...
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