Computer Technology: Good Prevails over Evil

Topics: Communication, Writing, Privacy Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: November 13, 2008
With the increasingly large role that computers and technology play in today’s society, there is an increasingly large concern on the negative effects that they bring. Obviously the advancements in computer technology have proved to be influential, but they also have many destructive qualities. Some of these qualities include less personal communication, complete miscommunication, time consumption, the publishing of false documents, and safety and privacy concerns. However, even though there are many serious side effects of computer technology, the positive outcome by far out ways the negative.

Even though it can be argued that technology has created a false sense of communication that often leads to complete miscommunication, it has actually opened new doors, allowing people to interact in ways that were once nonexistent. If a conversation takes place that is not face-to-face, or even with voices, it often isn’t considered a true conversation. On the contrary though, a “distant” communication can often be more truthful and personal than a conversation that takes place between two people in person. For example, in her essay “Fast Forward: Technologically Enhanced Aggression,” Deborah Tannen tells about a conversation between her and her sister. The conversation started on the phone, but after the two had hung up, her sister opened up to her through e-mail. ““The big advantage to e-mail is that you can do it at your time and place; there is never the feeling that the phone is ringing and interrupting whatever it is you are doing.” Writing e-mail is like writing in a journal; you’re alone with your thoughts and your words, safe from the intrusive presence of another person” (Tannen 298). More so, the miscommunication that can occur when communicating with technology is no more frequent or different than miscommunication that happens when face-to-face conversations take place. There are always ways of expressing feeling, whether through voice or written...

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