Computer Technician Resume

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Computer Technician Resume
All kinds of organizational activities in the recent age are computerized due to the tremendous development in computer technology. Hence, all organizations need people who have expertise  of handling all the computer software and hardware problems, which novice users are unable to resolve. Computer technicians take care of all such problems. They also educate the users with simple techniques for solving primary level glitches. Computer technician’s designation nomenclature varies as per their specialized work profile and the organization they are working in. Some of these prominent designations are desktop support specialist, network administrator, systems administrator, help desk technician and so on. Given below is a sample resume for computer technician, who has got sufficient work experience. Please go through it. Sample Computer Technician Resume:

Tom Green
456, X Street, Y Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA-90003
(123) 456-7890
Career Objective:
To seek the position of Computer Technician in a highly growth oriented organization Summary of Qualifications:
* Highly intelligent and experienced computer technician
* Excellent understanding of the job responsibilities through years of practices * Thorough knowledge of working and troubleshooting of the widely used operating systems such as the different Windows versions, MAC, Linux, etc. * Detailed knowledge of the networking concepts and their correlation * In-depth knowledge of the network security, especially the internet security. * Able to set up different types of local networks as per the need of the particular group of users * Dexterity in working with the general office purpose software and different tools offered by them * Deep knowledge of installation and uninstallation methods of general utility software * Excellent English communication skills

Professional Work Experience:
ABC Pvt Ltd, Los Angeles CA (2004-Present)
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