Computer Technician

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Computer Technician
“The first special-purpose electronic digital computer was constructed in 1939 by John V. Atanasoff, an American mathematician and physicist. In 1944, Howard Aiken, a Harvard University professor, built another digital computer, the Mark 1.” (The World Book) To become a Computer Technician one needs at least one or two years of technical training and have good math skills.

Computer technicians manage everybody’s computer problems, from installing machines to networks in homes and offices ( Wade Brown, an Internet Specialist, said to pay attention in all classes. “One of the most important and valuable skills in information science is the ability to learn new things quickly.” (Careers, 33)

College courses that help prepare students for careers in computers include programming, electrical engineering, systems analysis, and data processing (The World Book). Networking, A+, and various Microsoft certifications are the courses recommended to become a computer technician ( Community colleges and universities are common on becoming a computer technician. The first year usually covers the basics. The other years go into more detailed subjects ( Post secondary education in computer technology is a requirement for anyone who would want to become a computer technician (

Certain qualities are needed to become a Computer Technician such as good eyesight, good hearing and the ability to work without supervision. One needs to have different knowledge of information technology or experience of dealing with people (Careers, 33). Certain skills are needed as well, such as how different computers function. To be in this field, one has to know computers and detailed things for it. For instance, one needs to know the modems and the routers and how each one works (Careers, 40). This type of job requires a high level of expertise in very detailed technology. The cost of an error is very high...
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