Computer System: Security Threats and Defenses

Topics: Malware, Computer virus, Trojan horse Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: July 8, 2013
Security threats and defenses
Amanda Knight
BSA / 310
July 8, 2013
Ivon Young

Security threats and defenses
The thing about not having any kind of anti-virus protection can destroy a computer’s system. You need to have an anti-virus protection on the computer so that you know the information that is stored is safe and also know that the virus will not crash your system. There are different types of things that can harm your computer, such as malware, adware, spyware, Trojan, rootkits, backdoor, and etc. I would recommend having some kind of anti-virus on your computer so that nothing will happen, it’s not saying this will not happen but you will have a better chance on it not happening to your computer if you put some kind of anti-virus on your computer and run a scan on a regular basics. Social engineering is one type that you should watch for as a threat. This is a malicious user that will manipulate an organization’s member’s information. The attacker will use the information to bypass the security and access the confidential data that is stored on the system. The way this can happen is through e-mail, via phone, or even through instant messaging. The way you will know this is happening is because it will come in the form of hoaxes, phishing, or spam. The phishing attacks will be in e-mail, voice calls, or even social networks. The spam will come in three main forms that are called traditional spam, spim, and spit. The spam examples are like if you receive an e-mail from an unknown user that offers you a special offer and wants you to click some link to get the offer, another example is you answer a phone call from an unknown number and hear a recording saying that you qualify for a pre-approved bank loan and need your information to get the loan. An example of spim spam is where a user replies to an instant message in which they’re offered a free trial membership to some kind of program. Traditional spam is where attackers use spam as a way for...
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