Computer Shop Network

Topics: Wire, Project management, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig Pages: 7 (808 words) Published: January 2, 2011
(University of Pasig City)
Alcalde Jose St. Kapasigan, Pasig City

Project Proposal

ICT Elective (ICTELEC 101)

(Computer Shop Setting)


Lita,Emely C.

Zurbito,Liza G.

Lucban,Raymund A.

I. Title of the Project

Computer Shop Setup.

II. Problems why propose such project.

❖ Some of the gamers are noisy.

❖ Most of the computer are encountering lag within their units.

❖ Unorganized setting of a computer, by witch gamers, chatting, and surfing to the net is in one room.

III. Objective in proposing the project.

❖ To give privacy to the client, and give convenience to every person who will use internet, and other office application.

❖ To prevent lag within the units, to have a convenient transactions because there will be a separate server and admin within the establishment.

❖ To have an organized environment within the computer shop, having the separate computer for gaming and surfing to net.

IV. Methodology in creating a project.

V. Hardware requirements.

VI. [pic]
VII. Visit Store
VIII. Acs48 Cyclades 48 Port Console Server
IX. Acs48 Cyclades 48 Port Console Server
X. $399.99
XI. + $10.11 shipping
XII. eBay

[pic]Logitech Squeezebox Boom All-in-One Network Music Player / Wi-Fi Internet Radio (930000054) Top of Form
Bottom of Form
Top of Form
Bottom of Form

See Details
Lava Computer Ether-Serial (ESL4-232-DB9)...
Lava Computer Ether-Serial (ESL4-232-DB9) (ES4-232DB9) Serial Device Server from $188.57 12 stores

See Details
Silex Technology SX-2000WG (SX-2000WG+) USB...
Silex Technology SX-2000WG (SX-2000WG+) USB Device Server
from $115.67 7 stores (1)
Save to list

See Details
Avocent (AMIQDM-PS2) Monitor / Keyboard / Mouse...
Avocent (AMIQDM-PS2) Monitor / Keyboard / Mouse Extender
from $180.99 6 stores

|[pic] |[pic] | |KVM Cable 3 in 1 |USB Computer Cables | |[pic] | |[pic] |[pic] | |USB to Internal Cable |USB A to B Cable |

A wire is a single, usually cylindrical, string of metal. Wires are used to bear mechanical loads and to carry electricity and telecommunications signals. Wire is commonly formed by drawing the metal through a hole in a die or draw plate. Standard sizes are determined by various wire gauges. The term wire is also used more loosely to refer to a bundle of such strands, as in 'multistranded wire', which is more correctly termed a wire rope in mechanics, or a cable in electricity.

VI. Floor Plan.

VII. Budget for the Project.

|Budget |Quantity |Amount | |Computers |22 |250,000 | |Hubs |2 |20,000 | |Wires and other cable connector|_ |15,000 | | | |285,000 |

VIII. Client.

IX. Project where you want to implement the project.

X. Gantt Chart for the implementation of the project.

Gantt chart:

|Task to be accomplish in|Month of September |Month of October | |the month of : | | |

|21 |22 |23 |24 |25 |26 |27 |28 |29 |30 |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |6 |7 |8 |9 |...
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