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My aspiration to pursue a graduate program in xxxx University is underscored by the fact that it offers the flexibility needed for an in-depth understanding of the vast and rapidly changing field of computer science.

My under-graduate syllabi at College of Technology, one of the most prestigious institutions in the country, exposed me to all the core areas of computer science like operating systems, relational database management systems, networks and network security, data structures and algorithms, software engineering. These courses have given me a good foundation in the core concepts. I have presented papers in national level technical symposiums, on data hiding and compression techniques. This has kindled my desire towards innovation and has motivated me to be involved in research activities.

In my final year I worked on a research project titled “Security Framework for CORBA architecture”. The project was selected as the best project in the category client server applications. It aims at providing six security services for a distributed environment adhering to CORBA specifications. We proposed a novel symmetric key crypto algorithm.The implementation is in Java with Oracle used in the back end. This project has given me a profound understanding of the various standard security services like authentication, authorization, non-repudiation, data integrity, auditing and security while transmission and how it can be effectively provided for applications. I was also exposed to the practical nature of programming and building N-tier architectures.

Currently, I am working with xxxxxx Consultancy in the Security Services stream. My work has helped me to gain knowledge about how networks are designed, how vulnerabilities on networks can be exploited by attackers and how secure networks can be designed. In addition, it has introduced me to the challenges of building middle ware for distributed systems and...
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