Computer Science SOP

Topics: Programming language, Algorithm, Computer science Pages: 3 (730 words) Published: January 2, 2014
Statement of Purpose
Dreams are what we live for, what we believe in, and what we want to achieve. We live because we dream. I had my childhood ambition of doing something great, something different for my family, my country, the entire human race. I always like something different to do. Unlike others I have always an attraction about something new. I got a gift from my parents when I was only 10 and that was a personal computer. From then I have a desire to know about this wonderful gift of modern technology.

At very young age as a student in high school, computer for me was only a means of entrainment as I found it exciting to play games and generating various mathematical series and patterns thorough BASIC programming. I was dumbfounded to know that games are nothing but programs. Curious to know how to program I developed a serious interest in Programming. Keen interest in mathematics along with a strong liking for computers, and particularly programming, prompted me to choose engineering with Computer Science as my major. This decision gave me ample opportunity to consolidate my creative energies and harness my technical aptitude. As a result I have decided to pursue my graduation in computer science from BRAC University which was one of the country’s leading private universities.

Early in my undergraduate study I was introduced to basic programming language Java and Python. I understood the key features of each language and realized that one was an improvement of the other. Java being the most powerful and robust language of all fascinated me the most. My first computer science project was “Tick Tack Toe”, which helps me to understand the key features of object oriented programming. Later I made another wonderful game like hangman which I develop for my younger brother to help him improving his English vocabulary.

During the second year I was familiarize with varieties courses like Data Structures, Algorithm, Discrete Mathematics and Digital...
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