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Research Assignment #2
Google Products versus Microsoft Products

Google and Microsoft are two popular companies that are taking their enterprise and success in the industry. Google is known for google search but the list of google products constitutes number of remarkable product and service which is offer in desktop, mobile, and online categories. Microsoft is one of the largest corporations in today's world known for Microsoft office and many other products. Google products are google search, google chrome, google books, language tools, google news, google finance, google shopping, google video, and google map. Microsoft products are microsoft office, internet explorer, skype, worldwide telescope, msn, windows live skydrive, and bing. Google chrome and internet explorer are web browser and very similar as well. I believe that google chrome have more features and is faster than internet explorer. Chrome is less vulnerable to malware attacks than internet explorer is. Explorer is more traditional browser in compare to google chorme. 1. How to make a screen shot (in window)?

First press the "Print Screen" (PrtScr) key on the keyboard, second paste the screenshot by pressing Ctrl+V and third save a full- screenshot to a file in window. 2. How to make an active screen shot?

First click and highlight the window whose screenshot one want to take, then press ALT + Print Screen to take a screen copy, later copy the image of the window by pressing Crtl + V into any file or application. 1. What the following shortcut keys do?

- Control + N: Opens a new document
- Ctrl + Home: Moves to the beginning of a worksheet.
- Ctrl + End: Moves to the last cell on a worksheet, in the lowest used row of the rightmost used column.
- Ctrl + C: Copies selected text to Clipboard
- Ctrl + V: Pastes selected text (previously cut or copied) from Clipboard - Ctrl + X: Cuts (removes) selected text from document and stores in Clipboard 2. When enter...
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