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Analytical Approach
Analytical incomes the use of breakdown to answer problems. Enquiry is flouting a problem down into smaller problems so they can be solved by yourself. Good analysis uses a process to through the analysis. A procedure is a repeatable series of steps to achieve a goal, such as a recipe or Robert's Rules of Order for governmental method. For a development to work, it must fit the problem and be used correctly.

That's why an analytical approach is the use of a suitable process to break a problem down into the foundations necessary to solve it. Each part becomes a smaller and easier problem to solve. Analytical approach is the se of an appropriate process to break a problem down into the smaller pieces necessary to solve it and elements necessary to solve it.

IT Problems
Most Common it Problems

* The Computer Won't Start
* The Screen is Blank
* Unusually Functioning Operating System or Software
* Windows Won’t Boot
* The Screen is freezing
* Computer is Slow
* Strange Noises
* Booting Error
* CD/DVD Rom not working
* No internet Access
* USB not recognized
* Internet Explore problems
* Some beep Sound
* Display blue screen
* Power units not working
* Over heating
* Drooped internet connections
* Hardware devices not working
* Cables are not connected
* Bulbs are not working
* Some dialog box display error 0*001011010
* Suddenly shout down
* Software’s stacking
* Virus effecting
* Documents deleted
* Connectors problems
* Lockups
* Clicking sounds and vibrations
* Applications won’t install
Toll free Numbers in Computers/ IT
Apple Computers18004256664
Cisco System1800221777
Data one Broad band1800444999

Couriers/ Packers
ABT Courier1800448585

Home Applications
Aiwa/ Sony1800111188

Asian Sky Shop1800221800
Japan Teleshopped1800115225
Tele Brands1800118000
VMI Teleshopping1800447777
WWS Teleshopping1800220777

What are the Qualities that Support Staff Should Have?

Respect for all users, team members, and superiors--even when it's not reciprocated Showing respect is an acknowledgement of additional person's value and knowledge, an important quality of a support tech. If the users don't believe that the support tech takes their problems really, Self-discipline

Being self-disciplined moves several aspects of the support tech's job, such as setting and following to a schedule, dependably meeting deadlines, delivering purposes to the end users on or before the promised date/time, and spiking with a task until it's complete. The ability to effectively prioritize tasks

If support techs are given any degree of control over scheduling their time, they must be able to order their tasks. Dedication and commitment to problem resolution
The tech must be committed to seeing the problem through to resolution, which occurs only when the user is satisfied that the problem has been resolved—and when the solution is permanent and conforms to company policy. A detail-oriented working style

Paying attention to the details is essential for the successful completion of a work order. Although resolving a problem to the satisfaction of the user is necessary, it's not a sufficient condition for a work order to be considered complete. The ability and willingness to communicate

In many organizations, the support tech is the most visible member of the IT department, in daily contact with the end users. In this role as representative of the IT function and as...
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