Computer Project Management

Topics: Project management, Agile software development, Requirements analysis Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: June 11, 2012
Teaching Plan CMT3342 January - June 2012

Teaching Week No.| Lecture Topic| Seminar Topic| Group Project| Essay| 1| Introduction to Project Management| Introduction to the module and its assessment structure + introduction to the essay topic and how to write essays that get good grades (slides)| | Start individual essay, analyse essay question| 2| Advanced information seeking and information literacy for project purposes| Exercise in the library or any room with sufficient number of networked computers: finding literature for the essay downloading, printing, reading, sorting according to relevance and selecting | | Find academic literature for the essay, read, compare and select| 3| Project management methods and related software development approaches| Introduction to the group project with proposal, progress reports and final report (slides)| Start group work on group proposal. Divide team roles for proposal. Divide work for information seeking about project topic. Consider and decide your project management and software development approach. Write the relevant section in the proposal.| Use mind maps or concept maps to map the literature of the topic. Find if there are any unanswered questions and try to answer them by finding more literature.| 4| The role of requirements in software development projects| Group progress reports (1), discussion of issues with projects and proposals| Collect first iteration user and system needs| Repeat until you feel the map is complete| 5| Requirements engineering from requirements gathering to requirements validation| Individual progress reports (1)| Decide a first iteration requirements spec with the most important requirements. Write the relevant sections in the proposal.| Outline the essay based on the map| 6| Work break down methodsScheduling Methods PERT 1| Group progress reports (2) Discussion, how the topics 3 to 5 will be dealt with in the proposal or in the final group report...
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