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Technical Problem About
Computer Hard Drive Disk


This study is entitled “Technical Problem About Computer Hard Disk Drive”. It enables to achieve in rendering information about what is hard disk drive and some technical problem encountered on it. It also allows the reader to understand the possible answer of the said problem.

Hard Disk Drive hardware in computer sometimes encounter problem such as hard disk drive make a weird sound. The technical paper will answer the cause of the problem and at the same time will suggest some instruction to handle the problem.


In the new era most of the people use computer because the computer is one of the wonders of modern technology and the use of computer is universal. By using computer user can input data, store data and process output data. Computers build up a creative work and even make tougher jobs easier. One can communicate with anyone in the world without spending much money and even much faster. However a computer basically must have a CPU (stands for Central Processing Unit) are the brains behind your computer. The CPU is made up of different hardware and one of the examples is the hard disk drive (HDD).

The hard disk drive of the computer is where permanent information is stored. Documents, databases, spreadsheets, and programs are all stored on the hard disk. The larger the hard disk, the more you can fit on the drive. The size of the HDD does not affect the speed at which a program can run, but the HDD speed can affect how fast you can access your files.

On the other hand, the hard disk drive sometimes encounter problem like making a weird sound. However with this technical paper, it will provide information about why it happens and its solution.


Hard Disk Drive is making a weird sound.

You do something simple like double-click on the icon for a spreadsheet file. This simple act, on many computers, can take 20 or 30 seconds to complete, and all...
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