Computer Operations, Solving Problems, and Algorithms

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Computer Operations, Solving problems, and Algorithms
Computer Operations
There are six basic computer operations pertaining to pseudocode. Computers can receive information. A computer can receive information from a couple of sources. The Read command tells a computer to receive information from a storage device. For example: Read date of completion

The get command tells a computer to receive information from an input device. For example: Get Name
The user will have to type in his or her name with the keyboard when prompted. The “receive” operation is part of the input component of programming. A computer can put out information. The Print command is usually used when sending information to a printer. Write is used to write information to a file. Put, Output, or Display are used to display the information on the screen. This basic computer operation is part of the output component of programming. A computer can perform arithmetic. A majority of computer programs require mathematical calculation or to apply a formula. In this scenario, a programmer may use mathematical symbols (+, -, or =) or words for those symbols (add, subtract, or equals). 2 + 2 = 4

add 2 to 2
The verbs Compute and Calculate are also available. It is imperative to follow the rules for the order of operations, as the computer program will automatically follows these rules. For example, consider the following equation: 5 + 5 * 10/2 = 30

(5+5) * 10/2 = 50
Without the parenthesis, the order of operations states that multiplication and division are to be calculated first. This will yield two different answers. The “arithmetic” operation is part of the processing component of a computer program.

A computer can assign a value to a variable or memory location. Their roles are as follows, and it is part of a program’s input component, processing component, or output component. Solving Problems

The process and methods for problem recognition and problem solutions are. Algorithms...
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