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VLAN Paper
Stephen C Wilburth Jr
NTC 249
December 10th 2012
Chen Li

VLAN Paper
A VLAN (virtual local area network) is a logical grouping of network devices (servers, workstation, laptops, etc.) that generally have something in common, such as the same department or access to a particular server. Although devices in VLANs are virtually separated from each other by being placed on different segments, they can still communicate with each other as if they were on the same segment. VLANs are a feature of network switches and are configured within the switch itself. Implementing a VLAN can provide several benefits for the company’s network. A major benefit of using VLAN is increased performance. By grouping users into virtual networks, broadcast domain are created. This allows broadcast traffic destined for a particular network to be limited to only the broadcast domain/VLAN corresponding to that specific network, instead of being sent throughout the entire network. Additionally, there will also be less traffic to route and reduced router latency. By creating a VLAN and as such a broadcast domain for each department, the company will be able to decrease the bandwidth consumption experienced with all the departments in a single broadcast domain. Another benefit of implementing VLANs is improved security. Frames on a switched network are only delivered to the intended recipients, and broadcast frames are sent only other VLAN members. This allows users needing access to confidential information to be separated from the rest of the users regardless of where they may be physically located. By being used in conjunction with firewalls, the risk of information being compromised by those outside of the VLAN is greatly reduced. With the creation of a VLANs, each department is effectively increasing security by isolating is information from the rest of the company. VLANs can also be used to create workgroups for high-volume users. Groups such as call centers quite often...

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