Computer memory

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08/23/13 Today we got acquainted with the classmates, studied the syllabus and the book structure. Then we started Chapter 10, (Types of Sentences).
Home Assignment: 1). Study the syllabus,
2). Study the book, pp. 162-171.

8/26/13 Today we started Chapter 1 and continued working on types of sentences.
Home Assignment: 1). Study Chapter 1, pp.2-11;
2). Do all the practices in your book, pay special attention to pr.3 A, p.10;
3). Study Ch.10, pp.162-171.

8/28/13 Today we continued with Chapter 1 and studied topic and concluding sentences; the we did some ex. from Chapter 10.
Home Assignment: 1). Study Chapter 1, pp.11-16 2). Do pr.5, p.15-16 in the book

08/30/13 Today we studied the concluding sentences and finished Chapter 1.
Home Assignment: Study Chapter 1 and Appendix A
Write a paragraph; choose one of the topics in pr.3B, p.11 or use one of the topic sentences in pr. 2, p.9

09/04/13 Today we had a quiz and finished Appendix A.
Home Assignment: Work on types of sentences, Ch.10

09/06/13 Today we worked on Chapter 10.
Home Assignment: Do Practice 10A, p.176, and submit it.

09/09/13 Today we finished Chapter 10 and started studying Chapter 2.
Home Assignment: Study Chapter 2, pp.18-24

09/11/13 Today we continued studying Ch.2
Home Assignment: Study Ch.2, pp.25-31

09/13/13 Today we finished Chapter 2
Home Assignment: 1). Study Chapter 2 2). Write a paragraph, ex.12, p.37-38.

09/16/13 Today we had a quiz and then started Chapter 3.
Home Assignment: Study Ch. 3, pp.39-49; do all the exercises in the book.

09/18/13 Today we continued studying Chapter 3.
Home Assignment: 1). Study Chapter 3, pp.39-49 2). Study the handout and do pr.2, p.311
09/20/13 Today we worked on rules of citation, indirect speech, and graphs.
Home Assignment: Write a paragraph on one of the graphs, either on p.53, or 54; explain the numbers and information there; don’t write much, be precise.

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