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Topics: Twisted pair, Memory data register, Memory address register Pages: 5 (655 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Q1- a ________ is approximately a million bytes.
a) Gigabytes
b) Kilobytes
c) Megabyte
d) Terabyte
e) None of these

Q2- The programs which are as permanent as hardware and stored in ROM is known as- a) Hardware
b) Software
c) Firmware
d) ROMware
e) None of these

Q3- Memory is made up of
a) Set of wires
b) Set of circuits
c) Large number of cells
d) Set of optical fiber
e) All of these

Q4- Primary memory stores
a) Data alone
b) Programs alone
c) Results alone
d) All of these
e) None of these

Q5- EPROM can be used for
a) erasing the contents of ROM
b) Reconstructing the contents of ROM
c) Erasing and reconstructing the contents of ROM
d) Duplicating ROM
e) None of these

Q6- Which device can understand difference between data and programs? a) Input device
b) Output device
c) Memory
d) Microprocessor
e) None of these

Q7- The contents of information are stored in –
a) Memory data register
b) memory address register
c) Memory access register
d) Memory arithmetic register
e) None of these

Q8- Memory unit is one part of –
a) Input device
b) Control unit
c) Output device
d) Central processing
e) None of these

Q9- Algorithm and Flow chart help us to –
a) Know the memory capacity
b) Identify the base of a number system
c) Direct the output to a printer
d) Specify the problem completely and clearly
e) None of these

Q10- Which of the following is not a valid size of a floppy disk? a) 8”
b) 2¼”
c) 3 ½”
d) 5 ¼”

Q11- What is the name of the series of Laptop Computers manufactured by IBM called? a) Lappad
b) Think pad
c) Aptive
d) Notepad
e) None of these

Q12- What is the name of the 64 – bit micro processor developed by AMD?

a) Opteron
b) RISC-9000
d) Athlon
e) None of these

Q13- Which computer peripheral manufacturer quotes – “Empowering your PC”. a) Canon
b) Epson
c) Mercury
d) Samsung
e) None of these

Q14- SCSI is the term related with –
a) Storage
b) Network data transfer
c) Keystroke rate
d) Picture Resolution
e) None of these

Q15- What are the units used to count the speed of the printer? a) CPM
b) DPI
c) PPM
d) BIT
e) None of these

Q16- What is the other name of LAN card?
a) NIC
b) Network Connector
c) Modem
d) Internet card
e) None of these

Q17- Which of the following cable can transmitte data at high speed? a) Coaxial cable
b) Optical Fiber Cable
c) Twisted Pair Cable
d) UTP Cable
e) None of these

Q18- What is the name of latest server Operating System developed by Microsoft? a) Windows NT
b) Windows 2000
c) Windows XP
d) Windows 2008
e) None of these

Q19- Which of the following is a term related with scanner?
a) Laser
c) Cartridge
d) Media
e) None of these

Q20- Who is the founder of Oracle Corporation?
a) Bill Gates
b) Harry Ellison
c) Bill Joy
d) Linux Torraled’s
e) None of these

Q21- What is the name of the software that allows to see the web pages? a) Browser
b) Mail Client
c) FTP Client
d) Messenger
e) None of these

Q22- Which of these is a documented hoax virus?
a) Mc donalds screen saver
b) Alien Worm
c) Merry Xmas
d) Adolph
e) None of these

Q23- What is the address given to a computer connected to a network called? a) System address
c) Process ID
d) IP address
e) None of these

Q24- When you purchase a product over a mobile phone, the transaction is called. a) Web commerce
b) E-Commerce
c) M-Commerce
d) Mobile purchase
e) None of these

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