Computer Interaction and Design: User Interface

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Case Study 1: User Interfaces
CIS 524 – Computer Interaction and Design
14 January 2014
Strayer University
The Interface Design community faces many challenges in making it comfortable and relaxing for us to use the technology that they produce. Naturally they cannot please everyone but they try. This reading will make you understand what interface really means. I will give you examples from my experience with my own equipment and photos to boot. Mandel’s golden rules play a significant part in the making of interface design and you will see how these rules apply to my very own devices. Case Study 1: User Interfaces

Describe three (3) interfaces you interact with everyday
In most people’s lives, this could be a long list of things. Since the question is directed towards me, I really must say that there are three interfaces that I use on the regular and that is really it, just three things. It is not to say that I do not interact, fiddle or tinker with other things or devices but I do have a main three. First, let me start with my wireless iPhone. This device, technology wise, is state of the art and I know the critics will chuckle because I said that but it is alright they are entitled to their opinion. The iPhone is very user-friendly and the interaction that it is endowed with is somewhat stimulating for the mind. In Figure 1 below is a screenshot of my iPhone and as you can see, there are many helpful tools that it provides. Text message icon provides a means of communication when speech is not possible or not wanted. The email support at the bottom enables me to interact with people by sending and receiving emails while away from my main PC. Figure 2 is only to show how thin the iPhone is; the sleek design is very appealing. The calendar provides a very good avenue for scheduling appointments and important events with the flexibility of having a collapsible view of the whole year, month and week. This...

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