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Computer Information System Brief
Kathy Kudler was a Vice-President of a large defense contractor is tired of travel and pressure from her corporate lifestyle. Searching for other opportunities during her travel she discovered ways to relieved her stress through shopping varieties of ingredients for gourmet cooking, and suddenly realized her fashion shifted to establishing an upscale epicurean food shop in La Jolla. Needless to say, a business plan was developed, after she obtained her financing from the bank and six months later, on June 18, 1998 the first Kudler Fine Foods opened and soon thereafter in 2000, a second store opened in Del Mar and in 2003 another shop opened in Encinitas (Apollo Group, 2011). Before long, Kudler Fine Foods as the number one specialty food store in Southern California. The store sells varieties of domestic and imported foodstuffs that are divided into five departments they are: 1. Bakery and Pastries

2. Produce
3. Meat and Seafood
4. Condiments and Packaged Foods
5. Specialty Cheese’s and Dairy products
In addition, Kudler Company provides the highest quality products of wines and foods to their valued customers. Kudler’s professional and knowledgeable staffs contributed to its reputation for outstanding customer service and products offerings. Their continued success increased proprietor confidence, and the plans to expand into additional markets (Apollo Group, 2011). Although, there are plans for an expansion an analysis of their current business operations and accounting information, usage of technology, current computer systems must be accomplish in order to identify strengths and weaknesses that will cause an obstruction into Kudler’s growth and expansion objectives. Current Computer System

Kudler’s current computer system operates with the following hardware: Novell 4.11 Server for POS, UPS standalone, four terminals with POS PII WIN9x, one PII w NT Server IIS4 Winfax Pro (built-in-modem, CDROM...

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