Computer in Technology
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2 image categories Absolute Addressing Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) Autosum Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) Basic procedures of scripts Blender boot loader

Rastor and Vector specific cell with specific data example: $A$1 carries out arithmetical and logical functions found in home and formula ribbon operates peripheral devices

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Hardcut Horizontal Application how many bits in a byte Hyper-threading Hypertext markup language Information Literacy Interface Unit in Cache Memory Java

most common transition Designed for many different users tasks 8 physically duplicates certain sections of the processor Used as standard for interpreting text images and other material into webpages The ability to use the computer to gather information or data transmits and receives program instructions and data to other components Object orientated programming language, embedded language by an HTML simple and familiar, secure and robust, and executes with high performance Connects hardware and software, oversees all OS operations, computers "heart" Live editing performs repetitive task in Word every visual basic program must contain this procedure Creators of Mosiac Browser more than one CPU running at the same time running more than one program at a time edit using video and computer, ie not live Prioritizes the CPU activity, the most complex type of OS 3 by default 65536 used to split a task into individual procedures manages hardware and software and inputs/outputs CPU processor, Memory, and disk space





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Subroutine and Function a open source video editing program a program that loads software for the operating system to start. Example: BIOS Copies the values or data from one cell to another language that enables separation of document content carries out instructions and data manipulation, can do one thing at a time Green Screen Encodes a data stream or signal for

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