Computer Hardware

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Computer Hardware Assignment
The Components of the System Unit

Name: Jeffery L Jenkins

· The System Unit: Motherboard
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View the video: Intel DP67BGB3 Desktop Extreme Board

·What processors fits into this motherboard?
Intel 3, 5, 7
·How much memory will the motherboard support?
32 GB of DDR3
·List at least three different ports provided on the motherboard. sata, firewire, Ethernet, hd audio port, 8 2.0 usb ports, 2 3.0 usb ports

·How many PCI slots does this motherboard have?
·What would you do with the PCI Express slot on this motherboard? Install a graphics card
·Is audio capability built into this motherboard? Please describe. yes it is built in, which translate to a great 7.1 hd sound system/ surround sound ·What type of graphics card is integrated with this motherboard? P-67 chipset

2. Processors
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View the video: Understanding CPU characteristics – CompTIA A+ 220-801

·How many cores does the Intel Sandy Bridge processor have? 4
·What kind of cache does the Intel Sandy Bridge processor have? 9
·What does hyper-threading do?
Takes on cpu and splits it into two so you get better performance

·What does virtualization allow you to do?
Allow us to do other task. Simplifies the visualization process by having the processor do it for us. Instead of having the software do the job, the process was instituted into the processor. ·Can you install a 32 bit processor on a motherboard with a 64 bit bus? yes

·Explain the GPU.
The GPU takes information, renders it and presents it for us on some type of diplay

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View the video: Inside the Computer Case: Part Three of Five: The memory

·What does a “memory stick/module” look like – describe what you saw in the video? Looks like a long stick that’s set up on the motherboard, typically two ·According...
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