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Topics: Video game controversy, Video game, Psychology Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: January 8, 2014

‘Do violent video games cause crime?’ is the title of the discussing on the Australian morning show sunrise. “Is there any evidence linking violent videogames to real life crime” was the big question that the morning debate started out with and the answer was no. Online campaigner Gordy said that there have been years of research trying to connect the two but there was not any evidence to suggest that the in any of the studies that have been done properly that there are not any solid evidence suggested today. However, there are many conflicted views in the research about this because there are some studies that playing violent videogames increases the amount of aggression and hostility and reduces pro social behavior for a period of time after a child has been playing it. Moreover, some studies show that it is the amount of time that the person has been playing it and in others, it does not really matter how long you have been playing it. However, it is very hard to specify what effect violent video games have on an individual. Because children are not only just playing videogames they are part of a society where there are other inputs like TV, film and music videos for example that can participate to that violent act. Therefore, although there is this affect it may have less of an affect than watching violence in TV and film.


“Do you think that this normalizes the notion that we live in a violent society and there’s nothing you can do about that, so get used to it?” was the quote said by the Australian news reporter. Violence computer games, movies and music/music videos has become more ‘normal’ in the youths eyes than it has become in grownups. Videogames aren’t viewed as a problem, there has always been violence in this world and the new excuse is that violent computer games is one of the reasons. Is it because the adults think that their children will have a hard time separating what real and what not later on in life. On the...
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