Computer Engineer as a Career

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The lucrative field of computer engineering is a growing technological field for

which there is a constant demand is presented. The different steps needed to

begin a career in the IT field such as educational requirements are discussed.

The different rewarding benefits of the career are presented. The paper

concludes by sharing what I look forward to accomplishing my career as a

computer engineer.


For my presentation I will be proposing the benefits of choosing a career as a

computer engineer. I intend to present you with the information on how to

prepare you for your career path. My parents have always said that I have been

fascinated with electronics, and how they work. There were many times growing

up that they would come home and find that I had taken apart the remote, the

TV, the computer when we finally got one. I enjoy knowing how things work,

especially computers. The field of computer science is constantly changing and

growing, therefore I am learning something new all the time!

There are other benefits of choosing a career in the computer IT field, such as

the income. The average starting salary for a computer engineer is $51,496.00.[i]

The average salary of a computer hardware engineer in 2007 was $94,270.00.[ii]

Government engineers have a slightly higher average than a standard company.

The educational requirements by a potential employer for a computer engineer is

at least a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering[iii], while some students will

continue their education by obtaining a master’s degree to keep their edge on

others in the field. However, you may be able to start an internship after you

complete your associate’s degree. Some companies may offer to assist with

school as you work for them.

I still believe the number one benefit of this job is that you will constantly learn

something new. For anyone that is looking for a job that will constantly change

and only get better, this is definitely a career to consider. Another benefit is that

in today’s society, we rely almost completely on computers for everything.

Therefore, there will always be a demand for computer engineers. This is not a

career that will slowly be taken over by machines.

I hope to develop new software in the future that will help people. My focus is

to develop a security system that all people can rely on. I know this will be a

great challenge, but I am looking forward to it!

Visio diagram



Survey results


Out of the four people that I surveyed, all four were at least high school

graduates or had received a G.E.D. equivalent. One of the individuals has

completed some college courses, but did not receive a degree. Two of the

individuals were college graduates, one with an Associates degree, and one with

a Bachelors degree.

Based on the answers I collected, seventy five percent of my subjects were

employed at the time of this survey. The remaining twenty five percent was

enrolled in school as a full time student, and currently unemployed.

I observed that only one of the individuals had selected a career that

appealed to them for monetary reasons. They stated that there were other

factors in their career choice, but the main was the lucrative pay and benefits.

Another of the individuals stated that their family had an effect on their decision,

by following in their parents’ footsteps. The third individual simply stated that they

have always had a strong interest and eagerness to learn their trade. The fourth

individual stated that due to the lack of a degree, the choices were limited and

they were not currently in the profession of their choice.

The two individuals that possess a college degree stated that they are able to

apply their education to their current careers. The third...

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