Computer Dependence Thesis

Topics: Dependency Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Over dependence on anything can lead to sudden catastrophes and unexpected consequences. We may not notice it but it is already eminent especially towards the youth and mid age people of the present generation. In putting a stop to these mentioned consequences and social dilemmas, we must first be able to define what is it we are facing and why are we subjected to these effects in order to identify ways to avoid it and finally dispel it. This paper answers the following thoughts: 1. What is computer dependency? In what manner does its manifestation would be considered excessive and threatening? 2. The causes of over dependency to computers and similar machines. 3. The pros and cons of being too reliant on modern day technologies. 4. How computer dependency is perceived in the society in general and in what way does it affect the latter. 5. Related cases.

6. Ways on avoidance of being subjected to computer dependency. 7. General insight of the group regarding computer dependency.

Capturing the interests of both the youth and the professionals of today, this paper is written in discussion of the background information and general analysis on cases of computer dependency and ways out of it as well in case avoidance was not undertaken. As future Information Technologists, being exposed to a lifetime’s worth of software’s and various computers is inevitable and will be a part of an undoubtedly coming routine. This endeavor well opens our minds to the risks we are about to experience and should be ready for. This research is launched covering this topic not only for us IT students but for the society in general to be well aware of the ill effects of what’s in front of us and what is yet to come in the future. -------------------------------------------------

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