computer crimes

Topics: Fraud, Computer security, Malware Pages: 4 (1986 words) Published: October 25, 2014

Computer and networking technology is improving day after day and people are benefiting from the progress of computer and internet world. At the same time, the effects of computer crimes are widening and causing tremendous consequences that makes computers a double-edged sword. Computer crimes are a threat to societies and the well-being of many business entities. Businesses by their sizes and orientation are increasingly affected by computer crimes and the financial losses caused by computer crimes are skyrocketing. Although there are many ways to prevent and stop these criminals and fraudsters, business entities are not taking the right steps to protect their assets. There is no question that computers have simplified communication among the billions of people around the world, who communicate and share information with each other through their computers. Computers and social media are not only for teenagers now. A recent survey showed that 77% of Americans now have internet access with 64% of them using broadband high speed internet (Goldsboroug, 2008). Businesses and organizations are conducted more easily and provide convenient service through using the computers. At the same time, crimes committed using computers are increasing. The technology that computer thieves are using is advanced and tactics have improved in order to harm many individuals and businesses. This research paper explains computer crime, types of computer crime, and how it can affect many businesses and also how to prevent computer crimes. What is Computer Crime?

The speedy growth of computer crimes obligated the government to enforce strict laws against computer crime. The first computer crime law was created in 1984 and it was more concerned about government information since many of the computers at that time were government-owned and not available for the public. As the technology advanced and computer crimes became more common, causing huge impact financially and...

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