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Assignment Question:

Develop a well structured prototype of a computer center containing all the attributes necessary which include: Key sections
Management hierarchy
Define functions for each.

Date: August 2012
First, my computer center is a medium scale enterprise. It contains the following sections and these are their functions.

1. Managerial: This includes the manager who is responsible for (i) Analyzing the written report of each of the other units on daily basis, and then reporting back to the director in her weekly and monthly reports. (ii) Reconciling accounts from each of the units and directing funds to the bank and also where it is needed. (iii) Overseeing the affairs of all the other units.

(iv) Payment of salaries, co-signing checks for office maintenance. (v) Hiring and firing.
(vi) The manager sees to the day-to-day running of an efficient and effective computer center.

2. Computer Training Unit: This includes instructors who are responsible for instructing and training students on different software.

3. Maintenance / Engineering Unit: This includes the Chief Engineer, Hardware Engineer and the Software Specialist. They are responsible for the following: (i) Installing new hardware
(ii) Troubleshooting malfunctions and repairing them
(iii) Identifying maintenance needs and drawing the attention of the manager to them (iv) Repairing customers’ systems for a fee.

4. Computer Operations Unit: This includes the Operations Supervisor, the Typist, the Computer Operator, the Graphics Designer and the Photocopier Operator.

5. Internet Browsing Unit: This includes the
(i) Café Receptionist who sells timer tickets, Online Registration and Result Checking Scratch Cards. (ii) Café Assistants who aid customers that can’t use thee computers....
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