Computer Assisted Instruction &Traditional Method of Teaching

Topics: Education, History of education, Teacher Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: July 1, 2012
Prof. Asha Joshi Ms Abhilasha Tiwari
Prof. Dept. of Education Research Scholar
H.N.B.G. Central University Srinagar
The idea of using technology in education has generated substantial interests only in recent years; its development has spanned nearly a century. John Dewey was one of the first educational thinkers in United States to consider the role and place of technology in school curriculum, although it was fully fifty year before technology education was given serious consideration. In 1930 under the leadership of William E.Warner, the American Industrial Arts Association (AIAA) and its successor, the International Technology Education Association (ITEA , played significant role in the ongoing and often difficult process of considering technology as the content base for industrial arts, and later considering technology as an important aspect of education. Hurley, Noel P.; Vosburg, J. Douglas in his research work to find out the attitudes of students toward modern technology, their attitudes toward learning using modern technology in an academic setting, and whether there is a correlation between the two attitude variables. The investigation looked at the effects of gender and grade level on students' attitudes toward technology and toward learning using technology. Data for this study were obtained from a survey ofgrade 7 and 8 students (N=106) in an elementary school in Ontario, Canada which introduced moderntechnology into the regular school program beginning in September, 1991. The school's technological program includes the use of computers in an ongoing manner by all students in the school for classroom work, assignments, and recreational pursuits; and by teachers for teaching from a computer assisted learning perspective. Survey data were collected in the fall of 1992. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, correlational analyses, and a one-way analysis of variance....
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