Computer Application Lesson 6

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Lesson 6 – Hardware and Software Interaction
What is the difference between hardware and software?
Hardware is physical component of the computer; Software is the programs that perform tasks on the computer.
A computer process data by applying ____rules______________.

What is an algorithm? Set of logical steps to solve a problem.

____software development____ is a multistep process that usually begins when someone recognizes a need to perform a task ore effectively and/or efficiently using a computer
Give an example (hint Figure 6-4)

Application and System Software
What is the difference between Application Software and System Software? Application software help you perform a specific task, system software refers to the operating system and all utility programs that mange computer resources at a low level.

Name three examples of Application Software.
Word processor, database systems, presentation programs

Give two examples of System Software
Operating systems, utilities, and language translators

What is an operating system? Provide an interface between the user or application program and the computer hardware.

Software Distribution
What are the three types of software licenses? Explain each below. a. Software- gives you permission to use the program
b. Single-user- gives you the right to install the software in a single computer c. Network- gives organizations the right to install a program on a sever and access by a specific number of computers.

What is the difference between updating and upgrading? Update- applied a software patch(fixes) over software that you already have installed. Upgrade- a revisions of a software program and require the purchase of a newer version.

In Step-by-Step 6.2 Your book tells you how to access Window update information. Follow the Steps to see how to access this information.

Name and explain the alternative methods of software distribution?

a. Open...
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