Computer Aided Instruction

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Chapter I

Background of the study
The way the class was maneuver where depended on the teacher who utilizes it. Hence, whatever the technique and style of the teachers in teaching was always the crucial point. No wonder, many teachers were now trying to innovate the old learning styles and replacing it with new and more fun techniques like the Computer Aided Instruction (CAI). Despite the revolutionary advances in the field of computer-based education, technology remains simply a tool. Potentially powerful and stimulating, the computer is only an inert object that can never be a substitute for the personal touch of the classroom teacher. Without proper integration of computers into the curriculum, the benefits of technology to foster children’s learning cannot be fully achieved, regardless of the creative potential of any software used. Responsibilities of the teacher in the computer-enriched classroom begin before the computer is introduced to the students. In providing a rich, challenging, and appropriate learning environment, teachers must take an active role in selecting the software that will truly enhance children’s learning and development. (McPherson and Nunes, 2004). Over the past 15 years, the fundamental nature and use of technology has changed. Throughout Canada and the United States (US), computer-assisted instruction (CAI) has been used over the years to support student learning. In some of these instances the literature is contradictory. However, many research studies do suggest that CAI was used in appropriately and can have positive impacts on student learning. CAI seems to be especially effective in the area of literacy. Studies reported significant effects of CAI on reading skills of pre-schoolers, elementary school students, at-risk students, students with Special Needs and English Language Learners (ELL) (Chambers et al., 2008; Stetter & Hughs, 2011). In the Philippines, Liceo de Cagayan University implemented an Interactive Courseware for Preschoolers to develop their social skills. It enhances the traditional way of teacher’s instructional strategies to encourage the pupils’ interests in learning with the computer environment that is creative enough to please them. This Interactive Courseware for Preschoolers is a type of computer-based instruction with its text and animations in a graphical form for the preschoolers to learn interactively with the lessons that are presented with facts and able to have a recap on what they have just learned by taking the interactive quizzes. This can provide the pupils with a more flexible, creative and entertaining environment for their learning experiences.

Daniel M. Perez Central Elementary School, Bunawan District, traces its humble beginning from the pioneer, Don Daniel M. Perez and natives of the place. Don Daniel M. Perez selflessly donated a portion of his land which is about 2.2 hectares located along the Davao-Agusan Road. The school is located 24 kilometers from Davao City proper. Presently, the teacher of Kinder-II is still using Instructional Materials (IM’s) and exercising the old fashion in teaching. Though it was a good tactic, teachers handle too many responsibilities for discussing the topics in order for them to deliver efficiently and effectively to make sure the pupils merely understood them on what they want to impart. In their activities the students are also asked to bring their own materials as their tools in understanding the lessons. The researchers focused in the Kinder II level. The students of Daniel M. Perez Central Elementary School are the present generation and most probably the benefactor of the future teaching techniques such as CAI.

Based on the interview conducted by the developers, these are the following problems that were identified: 1. Difficulties in pronouncing the words, familiarizing, matching and identifying numbers, colors, objects and letters. 2. Difficulties in counting numbers and...
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