Computer Addiction

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Argumentative Essay
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Tarek AbdelWareth

Computer Addiction

I. Introduction
Thesis: Despite the negative social and health effects of computers, we cannot restrict their use, for they became a prime part of our life today. II. Background Information
Computers were invented to save time and effort. They have integrated with our lives and became a main part of it. There are numerous applications for computers nowadays. Computers are the backbone of this era. Reading, writing, simple calculations were the limit to knowledge in the past. Today, the genius is the professional computer user.

III. Body
A. Reason 1
We can keep updated with latest news around us.
* News providers like BBC and Yahoo
* You can get news and updates online.
* Culture transfer is also made possible.

B. Reason 2
Self-learning is made possible and easy through e-learning..

* There’s seamless access to a vast amount of information on the web. * You can learn anything about Science, Mathematics and Programming from online video tutorials. * Students become attracted to learning and more productive in work.

C. Reason 3
Computers made social communication very easy and efficient.

* Facebook and Twitter made social interaction between family members and friends a lot easier. * Sharing media files is available anytime with anybody. * Teams can collaborate and work together more efficiently. D. Refute to Opponent’s argument about health and social problems caused by overuse of computers.

IV. Conclusion

Are computers really addictive?
Frequently checking emails and social updates, playing computer games for more than six hours a day, giving all attention to network friends or pen friends rather than real ones, working on computers for long hours neglecting personal health and hygiene are all symptoms of a new kind of behavior that has recently spread in the past few decades: Computer Addiction ! Therefore, there’s a debate that calls for restricting students’ use of computers claiming that the overuse leads to addiction; consequently, leading to health and social problems. However, such calls neglect the importance of this gadget and its tremendous influence on our lives. Computers are the invention of this era. Imagine this world a few centuries ago where reading and writing were traits of the elites. In those days, people who knew simple arithmetic were considered geniuses, but over time, these skills became common knowledge for everybody. Today, the illiterate is the one who cannot use a computer, and the genius is the professional computer user. But how can you be professional at something unless you practice it a lot? That’s what Einstein said “Genius is 1% inspiration 99% perspiration,” and perspiration comes from hard work and long practice. It’s a simple equation. Therefore, despite the negative social and health effects of computers, we cannot restrict their use, for they became a prime part of our life today. There’s no limit to the many applications you can do on a computer. Computers and the Internet are so important today to catch up with the speedy updates and news occurring around us. BBC news, Google currents, Yahoo news are examples of online news providers for global events. It would have taken days maybe months for us to know what was happening in the world without computers. RSS feeds and notifications via email or Facebook made every piece of news few clicks away. Users can review news easily; they can comment or give their personal response about the news on their websites or even tell how they feel about certain accidents and events. Culture transfer is also made possible through this world web of information which can only be accessed by a computer device. Moreover, self-learning is made possible and easy through e-learning. The endless information on the Internet...
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