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Negetive Aspects of computer

Children are exposed to computers at an early age and some even children know more than their parents about computers. However, regular computer use can have some negative effects on children, especially those that frequently use computers for extended periods of time.

Some children who frequently use the computer may be at risk for developing vision problems. According to the American Optometric Association, children can be even more susceptible than adult to developing eye discomfort, fatigue, headaches and blurred vision. One reason this may occur is that a child may be more apt to ignore problems when they are viewing a computer screen. For example, an adult that is having problems with glare when viewing a computer screen may try to adjust the screen to reduce the glare. A child will not do this. Instead, a child will simply adapt to the problem. This can cause increased stress on their vision and can potentially lead a child to needing glasses at an early age. These potential vision difficulties can also interfere in a child's ability to do schoolwork or read.

According to Wellesley University, hours behind a keyboard can take a heavy toll on childrens' bodies. It can cause delays and strain on their developing musculoskeletal system. It also takes away time that a child usually spends out playing, which help children to grow stronger physically. This lack of exercise may lead to weight control problems. In addition, a large number of children already suffer from obesity and computer use may only worsen the problem. Another physical problem is that computers emit vapors that sometimes cause skin conditions and ear, nose and throat problems. Exposure to Adult Topics

One of the more serious negative effects of computers on children is the possible exposure to adult topics or topics that are beyond their understanding. As children become more educated about computers, they venture into areas reserved for adults...
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