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The Amish
BY: Lauren Mckoy
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Professer: Harry Sanabria

The past few weeks in my life have really had an impact on me. In such a short period of time, I have become more aware of the different cultures that exist around the world today. We tend to think that our way of life is the only way there is, or at least the only right way. It is very ignorant to think that everyone believes and behaves the same way. People should stop being so self-centered and take notice and interest in cultural diversity. There are numerous different cultures in our country alone.One in particular is the Amish culture, which I would like to familiarize you with. The Amish culture consists of many unique beliefs that makes their ways unlike that of any other culture. They lead a life of simplicity and yet have very harsh ways of doing things. The Amish is perhaps the most diverse culture in the entire United States.

The primary mode of substance among the Amish is Horticulture. The Amish rely on farming for their food needs. They raise cows, pigs,ducks, chickens, they uses these animal for a sourse of food.The cows are used for meats and dairy, the pigs are used for pork, sasuage, and ham, the chickens and ducks are used for eggs and other meats. The Amish also use orchards for their fruit amd have a huge selection of vegetable gardens for the familys. They believe outside culture has a morally polluting effect.The Amish live in a rural setting that includes rolling hills, plenty of land for farms and country roads. They live isolated from other cultures so there is little competition for resources because many Amish farm and provide their own resources.

The values that the Amish beleive in are different from us, however it works for them. The live for the greater whole of the community . The Amish beleive that their true purpose is to live peacefully and happy among the community. The Also belive that they are to live for their idenity of their family. Many believe that they live for the name of the Amish. They obey the rules and stick to what they are brought up to do. However if one was to leave their community or lifestyle they are set to believe they will go to hell. Some values they believe are being compassionate, having respect for others, and honesty which is one of the most powerfull values that they pratice daily.Children are taught to be honest, compassionate and to show mutual respect for one another from a very young age. Amish parents often re-enforce the fact that anything out of this was heinous and that God is aware of all that is done.Humility and obedience are twin virtues in Amish culture. A spirit of humility signals respect for others. Members are taught to obey those with authority over them: children their parents, students their teachers, wives their husbands, members their leaders, and younger ministers their bishop. Everyone is expected to obey the will of God as taught by the community. Despite the strong emphasis on humility and obedience, the Amish express great respect for the dignity of each person. Community and tradition also play important roles in Amish life. The welfare of the community ranks above individual rights and choices. Communal wisdom, accumulated over the decades, is valued more than the opinion of one person. Traditional beliefs and practices are esteemed above scientific findings. One value that he Amish does not Pratice is Individualism. Also not getting married is certainly not an option in the Amish culture. If one does not marry they become labled as a bachelor or an old maid of the community which is very degrading in the Amish communities.

The amish may endorse the basic Christion beliefs, howevertheir spirituality hove have been sharpend by the interpertation of the bible as well as several different written sourses. Some different types of sourses that they beleive in are the...

References: Vol. 17, No. 1 (January 1984), pp. 1-15
Published by: Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
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