Compulsory Voting

Topics: Elections, Election, Voting Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Should voting in the U.S elections by mandatory? This is question that has both positive and negative views. We can see from the examples of other counties that this possible and has made a positive impact in amount of people that come out to the polls. However on the other hand if these citizens were not forced by law to come out and vote how many would take the time to cast their ballot.

Some that do not agree with this motion often say that with forcing the citizens to vote will give us more uneducated voters. In Australia there is proof of this as there have been ballots that have been turned in blank, some even marked with doodles, and of course the favorite of playing “donkey votes” which is there the person randomly chooses candidates on the ballot (Weiner). However even with these types of ballots this is not the norm. Three percent of all Australian ballots were marked X for none of the above (Ornstein). However on the same subject there is the hope that with the pressure of having to out and vote that the citizens would take the next step and become active voters and research their candidates (Acton). In Australia and other countries there are penalties if you don’t show up to cast your ballot. Some say that there is no possible way to actually follow up on the persons who violated this rule. Looking up a copy of the notice it’s pretty easy to understand that there is a way around this situation. You can either give a reason for why you were unable to vote or pay the fine. If you decide to ignore this notice then of course the fee will increase. This is the same with any kind of situation where you break the law and have been fined. However with the voter turnout in the high ninety percentage there is a smaller amount of people that would have to deal with this situation (Harb). With looking at the information placed from both sides of this idea you can see that yes the voter turnout would be much larger and could possibly pull in an income from...
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