Compulsory School Uniform

Topics: Education, Dress code, Uniforms Pages: 3 (1094 words) Published: May 13, 2012
There should be compulsory school uniform.

School uniforms should be compulsory for all students at all grade levels. There are many reasons, which justify this, including bullying, uniform makes it a lot easier to identify what school the child goes too and uniform is a lot cheaper then but new clothes all the time. If all students at a particular school didn't wear school uniforms, there would be bullying between the financially advantaged people and the disadvantaged people. The wealthier people would tend to look down at the poorer people as it and this would encourage more bullying issues. When students wear school uniforms, it shows the similarities between them, and not the differences. Each school has their own rule of law and based on that, students need to obey on that law and respect it. When a student wears a uniform, it shows a sign of identification and it means that that student has confirmed the school expectations and that student feels that he/she belongs to that school.

Bullying is a huge problem in schools now days. I believe that not having compulsory school uniform encourages bullying throughout schools. Having a uniform helps students and parents resist peer pressure. In schools with no uniform, children may feel the need to dress in certain ways in order to fit in. This can often mean buying a lot of expensive and fashionable clothes that families cannot really afford. It can also mean girls being pressured into wearing skimpy clothes to try and look sexy at a very young age. It could even include Muslim girls feeling that they must wear a headscarf even though they don’t want to. I’m pretty sure parents would prefer to buy school uniform for their kids to wear rather than them getting bullied at school due to what they wear. People from different cultural backgrounds would all wear different clothes to school. It is unfair that people can get bullied just over what clothes they wear. School uniform makes everyone look the same and...
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