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comptency statement

By robin82 Apr 23, 2014 370 Words
 Competency Statement VI To maintain a commitment to professionalism

Reflective Statement
To maintain professionalism I attend yearly trainings such as child abuse/neglect, customer service, medication, and first aid and cpr. In these trainings the purpose is to receive information and to utilize it in the work environment. Another way to maintain professionalism is to keep our parents informed on daily reports of their children and in the classroom. Their children are their pride and joy and we as care givers must provide daily sheets, communication, and conferences to keep them informed on their children progress. The conferences are definitely a key piece of informative information. It lets them know what areas their children are developing in such as cognitive, physical, and social/emotional. Also, the parents can invoice their concerns and questions which can be helpful for teachers. Teachers can also inform that their conferences and daily observations are kept confidential by creating an account with teaching strategies and protected by a password that the teacher only have access to their children information.

I choose childcare because it is where the learning process begins. I want to be the individual Who teaches them the fundamentals of cognitive, physical, and social-emtional development. Childcare is a highly demanding field and opens doors in all aspects of the educational field. It can go from being a childcare provider into becoming a teacher. Childcare takes a lot of patience, imagination, and the ability to deal with different types of personality. I am ready, willing and able to handle the joy of being a leader to our future.

I maintain professionalism by being respectful to my colleagues and my parents. I do this by maintaining a neutral tone in my voice and speaking proper English. With my colleagues I find this to be the best result in any conflict and to let them know that I am easy to approach and that I will maintain respect for them at all times. With my parents speaking proper English to them lets them know that I am educated and that I have knowledge and knowhow of the information that I am giving them in circumstances of the early childhood field.

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