Comprehensive Understanding of Individual Treatment in the Group Process: Ptsd in Focus

Topics: Psychological trauma, Posttraumatic stress disorder, Cognitive behavioral therapy Pages: 4 (1200 words) Published: November 7, 2012
Comprehensive Understanding
of Individual Treatment
in the Group Process:
PTSD in Focus

Lorenzo E. Aranda


University of Phoenix

Lorenzo Aranda

In understanding an individual’s treatment plan, as it pertains to a group counseling atmosphere, you must first realize that it is a multifaceted process. This process ensures the appropriateness and effectiveness of group counseling in the client’s treatment. And, as the individual’s progress may shift, the applicability of a group counseling plan may shift as well. In order to illustrate the process a hypothetical client, Joe, will be used. He is a soldier with the U.S. Army and was recently deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months. During his deployment he and his unit were exposed to direct and indirect fire by enemy forces. On one such occasion a fellow soldier, and close friend, was killed by an improvised explosive device 20ft from his location during a routine patrol. Upon his return to the states three months later Joe underwent a debriefing and post-deployment program. This program included a standardized psychological screening. This screening has been modified in recent years in an effort to mitigate the overwhelming increase in cases of PTSD and soldier suicides (Shalev, Rogel, Ursano). After a brief series of questions it was determined that he showed some indications of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Joe was then referred to a Behavioral Health Specialist for an official evaluation and verification of the initial assessment. Diagnosing PTSD in an office visit can be challenging. The diagnosis is frequently missed because patients do not typically volunteer information about the traumatic event or the stereotypic PTSD symptoms. Careful attention must be paid to subtle cues in words used in responses and body language in order to probe for symptoms. Through self-report it was revealed that he had been exposed to a traumatic event in which he experienced and witnessed...
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