Comprehensive Training Plan

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Comprehensive Training Plan
Professor Cameron
Phase 3 Individual Project

March 11, 2014

Investing officer misconduct is often more tough than investigating a prisoner. Usually the prison department is closely knit area, with majority of people always silent about breaking the silence. Sometimes the complaint is untrue or overblown. It is therefore required that the officer start the investigation of the complaint from the start (Frye, 2012).

The investigation of a complaint of misconduct of an officer starts with the complaint being reported which becomes a starting point for inquiry. The department that would deal with these complaints will be the professional oversight department. The department must operate away from the normal chain of command to avoid any information leaks. The witnesses are called, interviewed and their evidence analyzed. If the officer is found guilty he is punished.

In the process of determining misconduct the department of professional oversight acts with due professionalism and they allow the accused officer to file any complaints or submissions. Harassment of the officer is never warranted and at the end of the process a resolution passed is communicated to the officer. After the determination the officer is given time to launch an appeal which must be professionally looked into by another independently constituted body (Frye, 2012). Content Survey; the officer before being taken through the training on ethics, it is important for the trainer to make a content survey in order to internalize the requirements of the training. If the officers are taken through a learning process that has not been analyzed a forehand, then the moral values they are expected to learning will not be captured as effectively as possible.

To explore in high depths the type of training and the characters that is to be trained. If the characters to be trained are about perception, then the trained content must analyze perception as such. There can be the use of questionnaire in order to understand the officers in terms of how they see what is good and what is bad. From the questionnaire it will be possible then to plan a model of how the officers will be taught (Barbara, 2012). The trainer should look at the instruction and determine how to put it across as they can use either theoretical or practical teaching aid. There are philosophical ethics such as utilitarianism and imperative. Usually the trainers tend to lean towards the practical codes of ethics. If the expectation about the performance of the officers is high, then the instructors can take the officers for a monitoring session after a short while of training. The offers can effectively be trained using the concept of moral dilemma where they are put in a situation with clashing needs of moral application. In such a case the officers will try and answer to the situation using their own moral perception. If the trainer finds the perception to be unethical then they can provide the guide to the officer. The training on perception can be employed in organization in those cases when the officer will be faced with the dilemma of what to do. For instance where two prisoners are at fault and the senior’s wants to favor one of the two for punishment, then the officer will be in a dilemma of whether to stand by the truth or follow the instructions from the seniors. The training on perception will assist the officer in such a case (Clement, 2012).

The philosophical ethics can be effectively used by the officer when in a situation that calls for hurting the feelings of an individual for the benefit of many. The concept of utilitarianism will effectively apply in this case. Utilitarianism is ensuring that the best benefit for the majority is upheld in expense of the suffering of an individual or few individuals. The character training is usually in depth. If the trainer instills character that...
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