Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty And The U

Topics: Nuclear weapon, 2006 North Korean nuclear test, Nuclear proliferation Pages: 4 (990 words) Published: March 18, 2016
Brandie Torres
Von Behren
International Politics
7 October 2013
Should the United States Ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty? Nuclear weapons are a touchy topic nowadays, especially with more and more countries around the world engaging in war or finding the means of developing such objects. Being one of few countries with this power has caused a riff in the general opinion of what to do when faced with Since the first nuclear tests in 1945 up until the last American ones in 1992 there has always been controversy on testing as well as possessing them. Testing leads from development to usage and many people around the world have a problem accepting the fact that America, as a superpower if not the only one still intact, has nuclear weapons even though we haven’t participated in testing them for over 20 years.

The two sides of this argument includes Ellen Tauscher who argues that there is no need for further nuclear testing so America should vote once more on the CTBT and choose to ratify it so that it may be passed in the future. Baker Spring argues that there are reasons why the Senate did not wish to pass this treaty in the first place and those reasons are still relevant today. Ellen Tauscher mentions that President Obama wanted to “reduce the role of nuclear weapons in our national security strategy and urge others to do the same.” Since President Obama came into presidency we have done quite a bit in order to move ourselves further and further from dependency on our nuclear weapons. We formed the START agreement, adopted the Nuclear Posture Review, and made a consensus at the 2010 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference. The way things seemed to be going it seems as if it is true that the shift away from any type of chemical warfare is happening in our lifetimes. Tauscher believes that in ratifying the CTBT it will allow us to further research nuclear weapons, she states that having this “binding ban” eludes our country on our...
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