Comprehensive 1

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Comprehensive 1
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A male client who lives in an area endemic with Lyme disease asks the nurse what to do if he thinks he may have been exposed. Which response should the nurse provide? A.  Cover the ticks with oil to suffocate and kill them to prevent transmission. B.  Look for early signs of a lesion that increases in size with a red border, clear center. Correct C.  See a healthcare provider if nausea, vomiting, and joint pain occur after a tick bite. D.  Obtain early treatment with antiviral agents to prevent cardiac manifestations. The client should look for the early signs of localized Lyme disease known as erythema migrans, a skin lesion that slowly expands to form a large round lesion with a bright red border and clear center (B) at the site of the tick bite. A tick should be removed with tweezers by pulling straight from its insertion away from the skin, and not compressing its body or covering it with oil (A). Lyme disease is caused by the spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi, which is transmitted by the bite of an infected deer tick, and antiviral agents (D) are ineffective. Symptoms, such as fever, chills, headache, stiff neck, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes are more typical, not nausea and vomiting (C).  Category:  Community Health Awarded 1.0 points out of 1.0 possible points.

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The nurse is planning a wellness program aimed at primary prevention in the community. Which action should the nurse implement? A.  Immunizations that decrease occurrences of many contagious diseases. Correct B.  Blood pressure screenings to identify persons with high blood pressure. C.  Breast self-examination (BSE) for young women instead of a mammogram. D.  Home care monitoring for clients who are high-risk due to pregnancy. Primary prevention involves health promotion and disease prevention activities to decrease the occurrence of illness and enhance general health and quality of life, such as immunization (A). Health screenings (B and C) are the mainstay of secondary prevention and include interventions designed to increase the probability that disease is diagnosed early when treatment is likely to result in cure. Tertiary prevention (D) includes interventions aimed at disability limitation from disease, injury, or disability.  Category:  Community Health Awarded 1.0 points out of 1.0 possible points.

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The school nurse is reviewing health risks associated with extracurricular activities of grade-school children. Regular participation in which activity places the child at highest risk for developing external otitis? A.  Batting practice at a batting cage.

B.  Soccer practice at an outdoor field.
C.  Swimming lessons in an indoor pool. Correct
D.  Roller skating at an indoor rink.
External otitis is commonly caused by exposure to bacteria while swimming (C). In addition, chlorine tends to alter the normal flora of the external ear canal, increasing the risk for infection. Participation in (A, B, or D) may increase the child's risk for trauma, and families should be instructed to use protective equipment to reduce this risk.  Category:  Community Health Awarded 1.0 points out of 1.0 possible points.

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Which nursing intervention is an example of a competent performance criterion for an occupational and environmental health nurse? A.  Serves as a consultant to businesses and management.
B.  Implements health programs for construction workers. Correct C.  Designs quality improvement methods that measure health outcomes. D.  Conducts research studies that enhance health safety.
Implementing health programs for construction workers (B) is an example of a competent performance criterion in management, which includes monitoring of the quality and effectiveness of vendor services. (A) is an example of an expert performance criterion for case management. (C and D) are examples of a proficient performance criteria for management. Category: Community Health Awarded...
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