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I. Read the following passage and answer the following questions.
Many years ago a very poor peasant bought a plot of land. One day while he was plowing it, he came upon an iron box that was buried in the soil. When he opened it, he was astonished to discover that it was filled with valuable gemstones and coins made of silver and gold. Since he owned the land where it was found, he could have kept the treasure for himself. But the peasant was a truly honest man. He at once went to the person from whom he had bought the land and showed him the treasure. “What is this?” asked the previous owner of the plot. The peasant told him the story of how the treasure was found. But the previous owner refused to accept it, saying, “The treasure would have been mine if I had found it. I think it must have been hidden in the plot by my ancestors. As you have found it, it belongs to you.” Finally, the two men decided to divide the treasure into two equal parts. The peasant and the previous owner of the plot would each take half. Those were the days when people were not greedy.

1. What was the hidden treasure that the peasant found?
2. What did the peasant do right after he found the treasure?
3. Why didn't the previous owner of the land want to take the treasure from the peasant?
4. What lesson does this story teach?
5. Do you think that people today are more greedy or less greedy than the characters in this story? Explain your answer.

II. Read the following passage and answer the following questions.
Sight is our most precious sense and many people fear blindness more than they fear any other disability. Eye, the organ of sight is our most important organ for locating and observing the world around us. We use our eyes in almost everything we do ---reading, working, watching movies and television, playing games and countless other activities.
The human eyeball measures only about 25min in

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