Components of Physical Fitness

Topics: Metabolism, Glucose, Muscle Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: August 22, 2010
Physical Fitness
* The capacity of each individual to accpomplish daily task. Components of Physical Fitness
1) Cardi-respiratory Endurance
* Able to do and continue physical activities.
2) Muscular Strenght
* Ability of the muscles to exer a maximum force.
3) Flexibility
* Ability of the muscles to move joints with lase.
4) Speed
* Ability to perform a movement.
5) Power
* Ability to release maximum force very quickly.
6) Coordination
* The linking of the senses such as sight and hearing.
7) Balance
* Ability to remain stable.
8) Agility
* Ability to move and change direction quickly.
9) Reaction Time

A. Anthropometer Measurement
1. Body Mass Index
* Sum of your height and weight

2. Stature (height) in centimeter
3. Sitting Height
4. Arm Span

B. Flexibility Fitness
1. Sit and Reach
* Test for the flexibility of the ham stings muscles.
2. Shoulder Stetch

C. Muscular Stretch
a) Partial Curl Up
* Test for abdominal muscle strenght
b) Trunk Lift
c) Right Angle Push Up

D. Physiological Fitness
a. One Kilometer Run
* Test for cardio-respiratory endurance.

Muscular Fitness and for Talent Identification

I. Standing Long Jump
* Test for leg strnght and power.
II. Basketaball Pass
III. 40 meter Sprint
* Measure the running speed of the student.

Mannose is a sugar monomer of the aldohexose series of carbohydrates. Properties Molecular formula C6H12O6
Mannose is not well metabolized in humans.[1] Therefore, it does not significantly enter the carbohydrate metabolism when taken orally, and although traces of exogeneously introduced mannose have been detected in all body tissues, using radioactive markers, in a well hydrated mammal, although further studies are necessary, 90% of mannose ingested is excreted unconverted into the urine within 30 - 60 minutes, with 99% of the remainder...
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