Components of Health Scenarios

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Exercise Pages: 4 (1604 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Scenario 1 Natalie health as an infant can be seen as a education of high level wellness. This is shown as Natalie only consumed fruit and vegetables for the first year. Despite Natalie eating healthy she is missing meat which is a highly recommended food as it contains protein to assist in muscle growth and development and to allow certain parts of the body to function such as skin, hair, bone, digestion and hemoglobin which allows oxygen to be carried through the blood. Natalieʼs physical, emotional dimensions of health are substantial as a result of regular physical exercise with her family and visitors.

Scenario 2 Natalie at the age of seven, is shown as a neutral point of illness to wellness. Natalie has now been diagnosed with asthma and is recommended to avoid all dairy foods, however enjoys eating junk foods on the weekends displaying a balanced diet. As a result of Natalieʼs strict diet of no diary foods Markʼs muscle and bone development is impacted vastly. Although Natalie has asthma causing breathing complications the issue can be maintained by regular exercise. It is stated that Natalie plays soccer once a week and also walks her dog everyday which sustains his condition of asthma. Natalie in addition has many classmates and was elected class captain. Natalie physical health is fair as he carries out his regular exercise which to a certain extent prevents his asthma and maintains a balanced diet. Natalieʼs emotional, social, mental and spiritual health are in quality condition as she has many friends and is elected class captain displaying that she is liked and preferred.

Scenario 3 Natalie is in year 9 and her level of wellness is still high. Natalieʼs physical life is still at a high level this is demonstrated as she is being successful at state carnivals. Her participation in physical activity has also allowed for her asthma to become a small factor in her life. Her nutritional intake has had a downfall due to work, and is forced to cook 2...
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