Topics: Cold War, Soviet Union, Eastern Bloc Pages: 11 (2004 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Subject: History
Topic: 4.1 The Outbreak and Escalation of the Cold War.

Reasons for Cold War

|What are the reasons for the Cold War? |What are these reasons about? |Why did these reasons cause the Cold War?| |1. Differing political systems |The West was capitalist while the East |This led to Cold War because as their | | |was communist. The West believes in |political beliefs were different, both | | |democracy where the people elect the |sides saw each other with suspicion and | | |government and the government carries out|distrust. This led to strained | | |the wishes of the people. The East |relationship with one another, leading to| | |believes in communism where the |the Cold War. | | |government imposes its decisions on the | | | |people with the citizens having little or| | | |no freedom of rights. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |2. Different economy system |A capitalist economy encourages private |This led to Cold War because as their | | |ownership, profit and free competition. A|economic beliefs were different, both | | |communist economy is controlled by the |sides saw each other with suspicion and | | |government; the state controlled and |distrust. This led to strained | | |planned all economic activities and owned|relationship with one another, leading to| | |the wealth and resources. |the Cold War. | |3. History of distrust |Even before the end of the Second World |This led to Cold War because it meant | | |War, there was a lot of distrust between |that both sides lost confidence and trust| | |the West and the East. This led to |in each other. It also led to increased | | |incidents where both sides could not |bad feelings and mistrust between the | | |agree with one another. An example is |two, leading to the Cold War. | | |when USA informed the other allied powers| | | |like Britain and France that it planned | | | |to drop the atomic bombs on the Japanese | | | |cities. However, the USSR was not | | | |informed of this until much later. The | | | |USSR thus...
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