Complex Adaptive System

Topics: Systems theory, Problem solving, Complexity Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: November 29, 2012
In-class Paper #3November 8, 2011
Topic: Define what a complex adaptive system is and identify the characteristics of complex adaptive systems Discuss how complex adaptive systems influence health care and subsequently nursing practice. Use examples form your practice to convey your understanding of complexity as it relates to your nursing practice. Outline:

Introduction: Complex adaptive system is a collection of individual agents with freedom to act in ways that are not always totally predictable and whose actions are interconnected so that one agent’s actions changes the context for other agents. (GPlsek, P. E. & Greenhalgh, T., 2001) Characteristics of complex adaptive systems are: unpredictable interconnected, unclear boundaries, constant changing members, members also belong to other systems, each member uses internalized rules (these can, and likely are, different for each person and are not fixed). Complex system can influence health care because they can create positive or negative outcomes, they influence other systems and create tension and paradox that may be difficult to solve Body: Because the complex adaptive system is always changing, and interconnected with other systems so it will create many difficulty in solving the problems. In clinical settings, student nurses have to think critically and take multiple approach in order to intervene or solve the problems. Give examples from clinical settings

Conclusion: Restate the significances of complex adaptive system and how it can influence clinical settings as well as health care

Health care is a complex system. There’re varieties of different professions in healthcare from nurses to doctors, specialist, paramedics… and even the concept of health itself is very complex as there’re many determinants that can influence one’s health. Moreover, health care matches the definition of a complex adaptive system, which is a collection of individual agents with freedom to act in ways...
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