Complementing Cooperation and Competition

Topics: Human, Natural selection, Religion Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Cooperation+ Competition= Coopetition

Cooperation and Competition are completely different but that can reach the complemented each other in relation what to you want to achieve, since everything is directed to a specific objective, if we look around, all the activities that the human being or any species develop have to do with competition and cooperation for some cases, whether how economic, social, culture, politics as individuals and as species.

Competition: to demonstrate the capabilities we have before highlighting other skills that everyone has, at times regardless of the strategies used to prove the purpose of meeting the target.

Cooperation: to help the team out in front but to mutual benefit, that all may benefit and each develop their skills or abilities for the benefit of another and in turn also benefit, cooperation means I can give in relation to that makes me different from others, which are skills that are used for the good of another.  

In my opinion, it seems more appropriate to cooperate, as we are in a community that will need to work for the common good and help the beneficed or another, since now everyone does what they want regardless of harm to another by the otherwise, you are looking for your particular good and get your own benefit, therefore, is to corrupt society and especially envious attacked by everyone who is around.   

Cooperation and Competition are natural human reason and any individual of another species, the difference is that for the other species are more natural action of them, while the human being must developed and work to achieve the purpose of each, so, to humans may develop more than other, therefore, in as natural law, if not used its, you can lost, in my opinion, if any more cooperation and healthy competition we could be a society that believes in the benefit another turn for the private benefit seeking, obviously without hurting anyone.
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